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Closes tickets: 1321317 Fix a regression that broke the compare books tool when used outside the book editorCloses tickets: 1559257 E-book viewer: Make the detection of note boundaries for popup footnotes a little more robust E-book viewer: Add options to control the amount the mouse wheel and arrow keys scroll by in flow mode When running the content server do not hide the main calibre window during shutdown until the content server has stoppedTranslations Updated:Azeri, Basque, Catalan, Chinese (Simplified), Czech, Danish, Dutch, Farsi, Japanese, Kinyarwandan, Portuguese, Slovak, Serbian, Swedish, Turkish, UkrainianIn it I relate violence related to and by police and involving drugsSolution 1 is to run the flash recovery tool proactively every week using the schedulerBug 766200 - Three-up printing does not position the third check properlyBug 770196 - cppcheck valist not closedI am not a danger to anyone in the society that has a part to play in all this, other than the moralists and Duterte doesn't seem to give a shit about moralistsCloses tickets: 1363666 Workaround for Qt 5 on windows bug that makes the selected indication for items in any list/table disappear when the widget loses focus Closes tickets: 1363420 Fix regression in 2.1 that prevented the saved column layout from being appliedTo change the displayed field go to Preferences->Look & Feel->Cover GridCheck this by prepending the command with the "slot x" keyword where "x" is the slot number of the standby supervisor3 April 2016 The morning after: Monkey Read Monkey Do

However, as I read the ASSTR the language, it is vague enough that they might kick me off25 April 2013 Hiatus and a peeve about SOL I am on a prolonged hiatus from my writingThe individual will be sacrificed if need be for the 'greater good' of the societyRelease: 2.13 [19 Dec, 2014] New Features Driver for the new CYBOOK MUSE ebook reader Closes tickets: 1398672 Edit metadata dialog: Allow editing identifiers in a dedicated window by right clicking on the identifiers edit boxIt can go either wayFacebook pageCloses tickets: 1407435 Fix regression in 2.15 that broke calibre on OS X 10.7 and 10.8 Closes tickets: 1407102 New news sources Ajans Firat and Edebiyat Haber by asaletr Improved news sources Various updated Turkish news sources tyzden Sueddeutsche Zeitung Supporting characters (Various genders, ages, and ethnicities, Young, Any Ethnicity) Other character voices must be distinctive enough not to be confused with Soap or with each otherIndicate in the register when a transaction has an associated file or URIPutting those rules together Boracay is pronounced as bo-RAH-kICloses tickets: 1282583 Edit book: Fix splitting of HTML file occurring at the wrong location if the HTML contains invalid constructs like nested tags Edit book: If the book being edited is deleted outside the editor, instead of showing an error message on save, ask the user to choose a new file location before savingAnyway, like I said before, I cant leave my family behind so I am not bugging out of the PhilippinesI have eighteen chapters completed, and am over 57K words into the storyEdit book: Add various validity checks for OPF files when running the Check Book tool 19d25c4272
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